Paranormal Romance

Department 57

Where it all started…a group of Talents, working for the government and to keep their own kind safe.

The Chemistry of Evil
Treasure Laid Bare
Topaz Delirium
Cats' Eyes
Jewel Of The Dragon
Griffin's Treasure
Liquid Crystal
Crystal Captive
Crystal Tides
Bloody Crystal
Rubies of Fire
Diamonds of Ice


And this is what happens when Talents come out to the world. More enemies, more challenges. More love.

Red Alert
Red Heat
Red Inferno
Red Shadow
Doing It Right
Shifting Heat

Hosts to Ghosts

Ghost stories with a twist!

Black Leather, Black Lace: Vernon
Black Leather, White Lace: Nathaniel
The Haunting of Belle Sauvage
Rendezvous at Midnight

Pure Wildfire

Shape-shifters Rock! A rock band of firebirds – what could go wrong?


Paranormal Single Titles

Last Enchantment was meant to be a STORM story, but for contractual reasons, I started a new-but-similar set up. Maybe Tomorrow is a timeslip – my one and only, but I did love writing it.

Last Enchantment
Maybe Tomorrow