Historical Single Titles

These are books I’ve written that are standalones, not part of a series. For the most part, they’re Regency romances. The Regency era, strictly 1811 to 1820, is part of the Georgian era, and I’ve written some books set there. I fell in love with the books of Georgette Heyer very early, and she was my inspiration in writing these books.
It Happened at Waterloo

It Started at Waterloo

Does she love him enough to let him go?
After three straight days working beside surgeon Will Kennaway to treat the wounded of Waterloo, Amelia Hartwell collapses on the nearest bed to sleep. Surely she can be forgiven for not caring that the warm body sleeping next to hers is Will’s.
Amelia’s status-hungry mother, however, couldn’t be more pleased to have an excuse to get the painfully shy, socially awkward Amelia married off, albeit to a less-than-ultra-rich husband.
Will doesn’t keep his title a deep, dark secret. His little-known earldom simply affords him the financial freedom to focus solely on healing the sick. But now that he has a wife to think about—and to admire, thanks to her unstinting bravery at Waterloo—he reluctantly takes up the mantle of earl to do his duty.
Missing her meaningful work as a nurse, Amelia finds herself floundering in society’s glaring spotlight, wondering if Will regrets being forced to marry. Perhaps it might even be better to give him his freedom, even if doing so will break her heart…
This is the republication of a book that was with Samhain, originally released in 2015.

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The Battle of Waterloo

Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe Tomorrow

 A timeslip book. She can go there, but she has to come back!

Tabitha Simpson is on her honeymoon alone, after her fiancé cheated on her. In London she finds a tiny shop, where she buys a miniature portrait. The man in the picture calls to her, as if she already knows him.
When she finds the full-size painting, magic happens, and she is transported back in time to 1816.
Avery is the Earl of Northcote, expected to marry and provide an heir. But when he finds Tabby on the sofa of his Thames villa, he is smitten. He doesn’t want anybody else. He will defy everybody and everything to have her. But some things can’t be defied.
Tabby and Avery are madly in love, but they can’t stay together. Their lives are two hundred years apart.
When Tabby is forced to go home, she knows she can’t return.
Avery must spend the rest of his life without her, or find a way to join the woman he loves.

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Dreaming of Waterloo

Dreaming of Waterloo

This is the story that was originally in “The Incomparables” boxed set, but now it’s out as an independent release.

They called him “Lucky,” but not all injuries are physical ones. Plagued by headaches and living nightmares, Paul, Lord Sherstone returns to London to a wife he doesn’t know and an estate he has to manage. He daren’t let her close, even though he is falling in love with her all over again.

Married and abandoned in a month, Hetty learned to manage a large estate and fend off would-be lovers, but a threat emerges much closer to home and from an unexpected place. In need of help she turns to Paul but since his return he has only shut her out.

Refusing to give up on the man she fell in love with five years ago, Hetty has to persuade her husband to let her into his bed—and his heart.

Seducing Laura

Seducing Laura

She’s determined to remain unmarried: he’s determined that she will not.

When a fortune hunter attempts to steal her niece’s heart, Laura Wickenham makes every effort to prevent the ill-fated match. But the appearance of charismatic Ross Stansfield, the fortune hunter’s handsome uncle, throws her off balance. Instantaneous and combustible, their attraction makes her question her decision never to love again. When the young couple elopes, Laura sets out in pursuit, and fearing for her safety, Ross loses no time chasing her. Thrown closely together, their attraction becomes impossible to resist.

Ordered to find a master spy in the maelstrom of Regency London, Ross finds duty is a distraction any time he’s near Laura. He can’t make his need for her real until he discovers which of her suitors is a threat to Britain. As desire flares between the two, a world of spies and family scandal threatened to thwart a lifetime of happiness.

Counterfeit Countess

John comes back to an inheritance he doesn’t want and a wife he didn’t know he had!

After Waterloo, John Dalkington-Smythe travelled overseas to Canada to find some peace and make his fortune. A frantic visit from his cousins, the Earl of Graywood and his brother brings him back home, but a tragic incident aboard ship leaves John the new heir.

In London, John meets the woman calling herself his widow. Except he isn’t dead and he’s not married. When he discovers the impostor is the woman he’s desired for years, he decides to persuade her to keep the position of Countess of Graywood.

Faith spent years trying to ignore the presence of Lieutenant-Colonel Dalkington-Smythe, her husband’s military commander. Finding herself in dire straits after Waterloo, she poses as his widow. She only ever meant it as temporary. To find that John is alive comes as a severe shock, but her feelings for him are as strong as ever.

The passion John and Faith discover together is worth fighting for. Someone is threatening to expose Faith’s deception and destroy John’s fortune and position in society.

If they don’t discover the identity of their unknown enemy and thwart the schemes, John and Faith could lose everything—title, fortune and even their lives.

Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige

A love beyond imagining

In Regency England, a woman without inherited wealth had few options. Marianne Noble decided to be a lady’s companion. Working for the wealthy but vulgar widow Mrs. Middleton is sometimes a trial, but never more than when, on a visit to the fashionable spa town of Scarborough, Mrs. Middleton sets her sights on the handsome Jerome Rivers. Because Marianne wants him for herself.

Jerome is hoping to escape from the pressures of his life, but instead meets the one woman he knows he will love for the rest of his life. Can Marianne cope with marriage to a man she sees as a simple country gentleman but who turns out to be so much more?

If that wasn’t difficult enough, someone seems determined to kill Jerome, or Marianne, or both of them. Will Marianne cope with her new position in life? Will they discover who wants them dead?

With only love to sustain them, Marianne and Jerome must trust each other and discover the truth.

Uncovering Vanessa

In the fateful year of 1815 Vanessa, the new Lady Vesey, accompanies her diplomat husband Christopher to the Congress of Vienna.

Newly married and trying to forget her previous life, Vanessa is confronted by her lost love, Emery Graham. Unsure of her feelings for her husband, or his for her, will Vanessa decide to throw in her lot with Emery or stay with Chris?

Thrown into a desperate mission to save the life of the man she loves, Vanessa has to face her deepest fears.        

Loving Lucy

Loving Lucy

She can only trust one man, the one she’s been taught to hate. Lucy Moore has it all. She’s wealthy, an earl’s daughter, and all she needs is a husband. Her distant cousin Philip, who inherits her father’s title and much of his wealth, loves Lucy but her mother discourages the connection, and instead, turns her attention to Sir Geoffrey Sanders. But when Lucy refuses Sir Geoffrey, he decides to take matters into his own hands and make sure of her.

Lucy goes on the run and has to depend on the kindness of strangers, people she’s never met, but have every reason to dislike her. And at the depths of her despair, Philip finds her.

Together they discover a passion that will last them a lifetime. If Lucy can survive the machinations of her mother and Sir Geoffrey.

Warning – this book contains forced sex, although it is not described in detail, and not perpetrated by the hero.