“Lynne Connolly writes Georgian romances with a deft touch. Her characters amuse, entertain and reach into your heart.” —Desiree Holt

“Plots, deviousness and passion galore…a truly enjoyable read.” –Fresh Fiction on Temptation Has Green Eyes

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I write in three genres, but always romance. Most of my historical romances are set in the mid-Georgian era, with some Regencies. My contemporaries are generally hotter than the historicals, as some were originally written for erotic romance companies, but as I've received the rights back, I've made them more accessible to the general reader (more story, less sex!). The paranormals are similar. I would love to write more of those!

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New Release - Sinless

The Second book in the Shaws series.

Lord Darius Shaw has never been in love before. But when he renews his acquaintance with lawyer Andrew Graham in a raid on a molly house, where men meet men for forbidden pleasure, they discover mutual feelings as deep as they are dangerous. For while society will turn a blind eye to an aristocrat’s transgressions, Andrew has far more at stake. The son of city merchants, Andrew has a disastrous marriage in his past, and a young daughter to support. He could lose his livelihood, his reputation and even his life—and drag Darius down with him.
Darius and Andrew’s only choice is to deny the true nature of their relationship. But when an enemy Italian spy threatens their secret—and their futures—the two set out to catch him. And in the process they are forced to face their desires—and make a life-changing decision.

“Lynne Connolly writes Georgian romances with a deft touch. Her characters amuse, entertain and reach into your heart.”
USA Today bestselling author Desiree Holt

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Richard and Rose are back!

The first series I ever wrote for publication is back. The books will roll out, a new volume coming out weekly on Kindle. Later on in the year, they'll come out on other platforms, too. It's been a tremendous amount of work getting them out, but they couldn't stay unpublished.

I have a half written Richard and Rose book on my computer. Maybe, finally, it will see the light of day!

Richard and Rose books

It Started at Waterloo

Does she love him enough to let him go?

After three straight days working beside surgeon Will Kennaway to treat the wounded of Waterloo, Amelia Hartwell collapses on the nearest bed to sleep. Surely she can be forgiven for not caring that the warm body sleeping next to hers is Will’s.

Amelia’s status-hungry mother, however, couldn’t be more pleased to have an excuse to get the painfully shy, socially awkward Amelia married off, albeit to a less-than-ultra-rich husband.

Will doesn’t keep his title a deep, dark secret. His little-known earldom simply affords him the financial freedom to focus solely on healing the sick. But now that he has a wife to think about—and to admire, thanks to her unstinting bravery at Waterloo—he reluctantly takes up the mantle of earl to do his duty.

Missing her meaningful work as a nurse, Amelia finds herself floundering in society’s glaring spotlight, wondering if Will regrets being forced to marry. Perhaps it might even be better to give him his freedom, even if doing so will break her heart…

This is the republication of a book that was with Samhain, originally released in 2015.

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The Battle of Waterloo

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