Unleash the gods!

This series started with a lot of “What if”‘s. I was reading a text book, and there it was as a throwaway line – the aristocrats of Britain in the eighteenth century believed they were gods, it said. So what if some of them were gods? What if, somehow, the gods of Greece and Rome were reincarnated into dukes and marquesses?

I started writing.

Now, several books in, the series has really taken off! Mercury, aka Amidei, Comte d’Argento, has bought and opened a club in St. James’s Street, the Pantheon Club. There, the gods and goddesses may meet, but the public has also been allowed to join. And shock – it’s for men and women! People are flocking to the club, to see if it’s as scandalous as some people say!

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Here’s an account of where it all started:

Lightning Unbound

Lightning Unbound

Even Gods Fall In Love Book 1The Heart Will Take What it Wants.

When Gerard Sterling, Earl of Ellesmere, races to Bethlehem Hospital—also known as Bedlam—to rescue a wrongly committed friend, he’s astonished to hear a voice in his head that doesn’t belong to his sister, with whom he shares a mind link.

Fascinated and enchanted by Lady Faith Bradley, inspired by her dedication saving her brother from the horrors of the Incurables ward, he includes them both in his rescue mission. But woo her he cannot—not with a fatal disease that saps more of his strength every day.

Faith would slay dragons to keep her brother safe from her father’s scheme to set his simpleminded heir aside. But it’s Gerard, who feels the hot breath of death down his neck, who wins her heart.

Then it is revealed that Gerard is none other than the reincarnation of Zeus, and they face a far more dangerous enemy—Kronos, whose plan to regain power includes Gerard’s death.

To foil his plan, Gerard and Faith must hold firm to the power of love…and defy Fate itself.

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Mad For Love

Mad For Love

Book 2

It’s a battle of Olympian proportions.

Wherever he goes, Blaize, Marquess of Stretton, hears the jingle of keys as society mothers lock up their daughters. No wonder: he is secretly the embodiment of Bacchus, god of wine and madness.

Yet his melancholic heart is lonely. Until he enters a ballroom, hunting for the Titans who destroyed his father.

One look at Lady Ariane Wells and he is consumed with an instant, almost violent compulsion to protect her from the attentions of another man who smells of Titan—Marcus, Duke of Lyndhurst.

Ariane is no shy debutante. She knows what she wants, and it is the stunningly handsome Blaize, even if it means defying her powerful mother.

When Blaize disappears, Ariane embarks on a treacherous cross-country chase to find him, knowing that if she fails, she must marry her mother’s choice: Marcus.

Now that Blaize knows the true identity of his captor, he will fight for Ariane even if it means using his terrifying ability to drive everyone around him insane—including himself. For if he doesn’t save her, he will truly go insane—forever.

Product Warnings: Contains a rake who can make a woman’s good sense completely melt away, and a debutante who isn’t afraid to spread her wings to fly in the face of convention. Could make even the bluest blood boil.

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Arrows of Desire

Arrows of Desire

Book 3

She’ll Follow Him To Hell and Back

Finished with the tutoring that taught him how to be an immortal, Edmund, otherwise known as Eros, steps off the packet onto English shores, and stumbles head over heels in love.

There’s something different about Perdita Seaton and her secretive family, but for now a bigger dilemma looms. Revealing he’s the Duke of Kentmere could cut their courtship short. Yet abandoning his heritage means leaving his beloved sister at the mercy of the Titans.

Even as Edmund steals Perdita’s breath with the speed at which he sweeps her down the aisle, she feels safe in the irresistible tide of passion. Her father, head of a smuggling empire, is Oceanus—and she is a nymph.

Disaster strikes when Edmund races to London to rescue his sister, and doesn’t return. Desperate, Perdita follows him, only to find no light of recognition in his eyes.

Now she must choose. Admit defeat, or fight to break the enchantment keeping Edmund’s heart prisoner—and risk the wrath of a jealous goddess who’d be all too happy to snuff her out.

Warning: Contains a wedding night that transcends heaven, a mother-in-law from hell, and one Titanic case of amnesia.

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Forged By Love

Book 4

When the gods clash…

Vulcan, living in the body of Harry, Earl of Valsgarth, prefers a quiet country life, channeling his fiery temperament into his metal workshop. But he can’t ignore a summons from Mercury.

When he spies the ravishing woman across the London theater, he realizes why Mercury needs him. She is Venus, in the body of a French duchesse. In legend, his wife. But she is under an infatuation spell that has escalated into obsession. Unchecked, it’s hot enough to cause another Fire of London. Harry is the only immortal with the strength to break it.

Virginie revels in the joy she has found with Marcus, also known as Mars. Until Harry arrives in her parlor, leaning on his cane, oozing his particular brand of seduction.

When murder abruptly splits Virginie and Marcus apart, Harry must cope with a painful withdrawal that could destroy her—and half the city. If Harry can’t find who is framing her, she will lose her place in society. And possibly her mind to madness…

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War Chest

Book 5

He’d rather make war than love…

Bearing little resemblance to her beautiful sister Rhea made it easy for Ruth to secure the job of governess to the Duke of Lyndhurst’s wards. The babies are Rhea’s. Rhea is dead. And Ruth’s suspicions are aimed squarely at the powerful, magnificent, brooding duke.

At the very least, she means to ensure her sister’s twins are raised properly. A task she suspects is beyond the duke, who wanders away at night, comes to dinner disheveled, and stirs desires she’s never felt before.

Marcus isn’t just the Duke of Lyndhurst. He is Mars, god of war, and his nightly dinners with Ruth—during which he allows her to ask him one question—are his only respite from his desperate struggle with the Titans.

Little does the drably dressed, socially inept woman realize she is a constant temptation to him—and he is losing the battle to resist. But if he allows her to break the chains around his heart, their love will make her a target in a fight to the death.

Product Warnings: Beware of tall, dark men who roam houses at night. Don’t, whatever you do, stop to kiss them

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Her Quicksilver Lover

Her Quicksilver Lover

Book 6

He’ll face all his fears for her…

Joanna Spencer is doing more than just serving tea at the Pantheon Club. She’s secretly collecting society gossip and evidence of foreign spy activity for her father’s journal articles.
Instead, she finds the club’s walls shield Roman gods in human form. One of which she must keep at arm’s length at all costs—the club’s alluring, enigmatic owner, Amidei, Comte d’Argento. Otherwise known as Mercury.

Joanna catches Amidei’s attention long before she drops and shatters an expensive tea caddy. He knows she’s spying, but he never suspected she’d be his nemesis in human form—or that she would stir his strongest protective instincts.

Those instincts will be tested to the limit when an enemy strikes from an unexpected corner, threatening their lives. And Amidei will have to face every last one of his fears to protect the woman he has come to love.

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