Department 57

This is where the adventure with the paranormal began. I was asked to add to an ongoing series, when another author dropped out. And I had so much fun doing it that I started a series of my own. Secret agents who are also Talents. Bond with tooth and claw!

The Chemistry of Evil

A Dept 57 book
The bad boy of Arthur’s court returns!

Sophie Adams is engaged, but the second she sees sexy Evan Howell, she wants him. When her fiancé dumps her, Evan is there to catch her. And show her a passion she’d never dreamed of before, drawn from his dark experiments into sexual magick, a magick that has driven more than one man insane. Enthralled by the new world Evan introduces her to, Sophie wants more.

Evil follows them across the Atlantic. From Arthurian Cornwall to New York, Mordred, cursed son of King Arthur, stretches his evil influence to encompass Sophie, Evan and everyone they love. Evan has already lost his sister to Mordred and his supporters—he refuses to lose Sophie, too.

Evan, ex-convict hacker turned CIA computer genius for Department 57, explores the dark side of life. It will take all his skill to save Sophie from the danger threatening to take her over, body and soul. All his skill—in the bedroom as well as out of it.

Together, the three will embark upon a dance of danger, at the end of which there will be only two. . .or one. . .or none

Note – This book is a heavily rewritten version of a previously published novel.

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Treasure Laid Bare

If Sorcerer Garon Rothwell has sex, he loses his powers–and also the rigid control he has over his life. But when he meets bookstore owner and ex-army intelligence officer Tara Carlisle, he desperately wants to give in to the passion she evokes in him. But he’s stopped by his own fears and a woman four hundred years dead.

Tara wants Garon, too, but until they catch the evil stalking her little town, she can’t give in to the desire she knows they both feel. The frustration is killing her…

But Erzsébet Báthory murdered over six hundred women the last time she walked the earth. Now Tara has inadvertently brought her back, and if they don’t stop her, she might just beat that record.

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Topaz Delirium

Someone is killing vampires with a new drug and the only people who can discover the source are Svetlana Yevchenko, top model and Jasper, head and chief designer of the House of Lebec and the head of Dept 57 in France.
Svetlana wants Jasper, and he wants her. But they can never give in because Jasper is cursed and through all the lives he remembers no woman has survived the curse. An affair might weaken their attraction to each other – or it might strengthen it.
Svetlana is the greatest temptation Jasper has ever tried to resist but their relationship can never be more than sex. As the latest Dept 57 assignment throws them together, their resistance weakens to the point of total, steaming breakdown. The more they fight the attraction, the deeper it gets.
But when the assignment is over they must face their fate. Again.

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Cats’ Eyes

Cool Cats and Samba Heat!

New city, new job, new life: Silje Nordstrom, a Norwegian cat shape-shifter, is starting over. Except that she’s still working for Department 57, the covert government agency for Talents — just in New York, with a new identity. And she’s still alone, still too sexually inhibited to find the mate she needs. That is, until she meets sexy Brazilian shape-shifters Devante and Aristides.

Sent to a male strip club on an operation to find the dealer for a dangerous new designer drug, Silje is transfixed by two Brazilian strippers. They’re so into each other there doesn’t seem to be room for anyone else. But things aren’t always as they seem.

When booked for a private dance, Devante shows Silje a hot Brazilian samba in the bedroom. And once he’s got her where he wants her, he brings in his lover Ari. Together, the men show Silje exactly what she’s been missing.

But they still have to find the source of the drugs, and the Talent’s enemy, the terrorist organization the PHR is involved. If they don’t close this outlet down, New York will be flooded with a dangerous, addictive drug, designed for Talents, but affecting everyone. If Silje’s not careful, her new beaus could end up on the body count.

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Jewel of the Dragon

Dev Wyvern is Welsh, tall, dark and sexy as sin. He’s also a shapeshifter. When he walks into Alix Lancaster’s jewelry shop she knows her brother, Clay, is setting a trap for him. Clay is a member of the PHR, sworn enemies of all Talents. So does Alix betray her brother by warning Dev, or let him walk into a lethal snare?

Dev is drawn to Alix like few other women. But can he trust her? Sent by the enigmatic Cristos, the boss of Department 57, to expose a PHR cell, he finds love and danger waiting for him.

He takes both of them on, and has to make a choice; will she forgive him if he destroys the brother of the woman he loves?
Will they get out alive?

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Griffin’s Treasure

International soccer star Josh Friedland has a secret. He’s a griffin shapeshifter, and a covert operative for Department 57. Josh’s brother Laurie is missing, and Josh is sure businessman George Skeffington is involved.

So he can’t trust Skeffington’s stepdaughter, Chana Rafiz, even though he wants her with every cell in his body.

When her controlling stepfather asks Chana to look after his guest, she suspects another trick to keep her by his side. Only to find that Josh is the man she’s been waiting for all her life.

Long, hot Californian nights see their bodies twined in more inventive positions than Chana knew existed, but when she finally discovers his secret, she uncovers one of her own. One she doesn’t even know about herself.

Together, Josh and Chana have to face dangers only Department 57 can help them with, only to plunge the whole Department into peril. If Cristos and the Department are to endure, Josh and Chana must succeed in their mission.

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Liquid Crystal

When an unsuspected enemy rises up to threaten Crystal’s life, her old friends, Bryn and Kai, rescue her from a nearly fatal plunge into the Thames. Later, they share a bed, and their bodies. The passion they wake in each other is as incredible as it is inevitable.

But Bryn and Kai have a secret. They are mermen. Crys is intrigued, so they introduce her to the pleasures of underwater loving, and the passion they release steams up the water.

Yet their enemy still chases them, and they’ll have to defeat him before they can give in to love’s demand.

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Crystal Captive

Nicole is a gossip columnist. All she wants is a good story, but when she confronts Dominici Serafino at his luxury Italian villa, she get far more than that. An afternoon of sizzling passion leads to danger when they are kidnapped by an organization intent on revealing Dominici as a shape-shifting dragon. And he is, he really is that mythical creature, who sometimes shape-shifts during sex. Their captors want Dominici and Nicole to perform for the cameras. And that makes Nicole wet even to think about. What’s wrong with her?

And what’s a dragon to do? Dominici finds sex with the gorgeous erstwhile journalist turning to something far more intense. He has to protect Nicole from their enemies, and he doesn’t even know if he can trust her. In a position that gives him access to juicy stories from the world’s most talked-about celebrities, he needs to keep their secrets and his own if he wants to survive.

Despite the danger, he still wants her, any way, every day. For keeps.

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Crystal Tides

Kai decides to forget about love-until he meets sexy merman Tyler Walters and his wife Zoe. Kai’s hot tub heats up to steaming when the three share it, but Kai doesn’t want another fleeting relationship. This time he wants them for keeps.

Zoe isn’t sure that she can commit to two men at once but when danger threatens her underwater archaeological investigation she needs them both to protect her. Even that isn’t enough when their old enemy Geoff Wilkinson resurfaces, ready to kill them all if he has to.

Tyler and Zoe have spent years running from the enemy who has tried to kill them and failed. Now it’s time to turn and fight.

But can they trust their new lover, Kai, or does Kai’s agenda make him a doubtful ally.

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Bloody Crystal

Cerys is happy working in the bar in her hometown of Llandudno, Wales. Nobody knows her secret until she meets dark, brooding Rhodri Tryfanwy. He knows her at once, because he’s like her. Vampire.
Rhodri sees the ethereal Cerys as everything he’s ever wanted. Light to his darkness, he takes her and she responds. Long nights of passion give him the hope he’d almost given up on finding. But events move too fast, and Rhodri has to return to the dangerous, violent world of Department 57. His old adversary, Geoffrey Wilkinson, gives him no choice.
Thrown into a new world, Cerys is forced to leave everything she knows behind to search for him. She is Rhodri’s only chance. Without her help, he’ll be taken apart, piece by piece, and sold to people who will exploit what he is to make money and take power they’re not entitled to.
Without her love, he is dead. Without his love, she will want to die. Only together can they hope to survive.

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Rubies of Fire

Vampire and full-time field agent for the CIA, Andreas’s only loyalty is his job with Department 57. Until he sets eyes on sexy Roz Templeton. He already hates his assignment to pose as the office wolf, but he hates it even more when he realizes Roz is also a vampire.

Roz is out to discover who killed two members of her family, and when she does, the culprit will die. Andreas is a distraction. And she can’t understand why she’s drawn to him, anyway–he’s a sleaze. But she can’t resist.

Drawn into a passion neither can fight, they set fire to the night, and then some. For a young vampire, Andreas is fully versed on how to keep a woman happy in bed, even one that is centuries older than he is, and as dominant and demanding as any man. From their first steamy kiss in the elevator on the way to work, to bed and beyond, Andreas and Roz can’t get enough of each other.

But that passion may be a deadly distraction when Roz’s life is on the line.

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Diamonds of Ice

Sorcerer Fabrice Germain lost his Talent when he was assaulted, but he still has his job. Relocating to London seems like the answer, and then he meets Gemma, who works for his rival. She’s a vampire. That’s two reasons to avoid her, but Fabrice and Gemma still end up scorching the sheets one Saturday night.

Then the world goes to hell. Fabrice ends a weekend of passion and tragedy as a converted Talent – a vampire now, like Gemma. One who has sworn to avenge two murders, and is back as an agent with Department 57. After that, he’s happy to die.
Except there’s Gemma. Fabrice really wants Gemma.

Gemma doesn’t want Fabrice to surrender to the blood phobia that threatens to take his life. She wants him for longer than a night–in fact she thinks she might never get enough of him. When they’ve caught the murderers, what is there to stop him starving to death? Only her.

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