Guess Who’s Back?


Well, from a personal point of view, it’s been quieter – thank goodness! I’m still here, getting over the heart attack pretty well, and life is turning back to something like normal. The world outside – that’s another story, and it’s not pretty, but we’re not here for that, are we? There are enough people talking about the world without mine added to the cacophony!

I’m still planning and beginning to write the new book. After years of working to deadlines, I want to enjoy the process this time, get to grips with my characters and what they want

I’m grateful that a few publishers have expressed interest in my latest project, but that’s a long way from having the book done.

I did have an idea. It’s a biggie, but it’s about the historical romance genre, not particularly my work.


The world of historical romance is divided. There are the purists (like me!), someone who likes to read about a fictional character inserted into a real historical space. Time travel, if you will. Where authors go to great pains to try to get the history right. It’s my way, but it’s not the only way.

The other way is the fantasy Regency, the one dominating the genre at the moment. The Regency era gets the most extreme treatment of this. The two factions, the history lovers and the fantasy lovers are constantly clashing. But there is an answer.

The problem could be solved by creating a new genre – Regencyworld, let’s call it (I made that one up, but I like it. Take note, it’s mine!). That’s what the TV folks have done in effect, with Bridgerton, taking the elements they liked, and ignoring other things about the era. If dancing to Lady Gaga isn’t enough of a clue, I’m not sure what is!

And why not? Why shouldn’t they? It gives pleasure to a lot of other readers (and viewers).

Think of Game of Thrones and the Lord of the Rings sagas. Hugely successful, based on, but not adhering strictly to, medieval and pre-medieval history. Elements remain, but the details are different.

So why not Regencyworld? Books where every son of a peer has his own title. Where respectable young women become pirates and adventure the world, then marry a duke. Where peers of the realm become spies for the Crown, where poor young seamstresses are married by dukes (always dukes!) and become the cream of society, where bluestocking is a compliment and wallflowers blossom and not only marry their duke, but become feted in their own world.

Then we could have dragons.

Love to hear your opinions on this!

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