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For bloggers: I can discuss various topics linked with the series, such as; the career of Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Stuarts in exile, life in eighteenth century London, life in the country house, my ancestor silversmith Hester Bateman, the current state of the historical romance market, stories of the Strenshalls, the family at the centre of this book.

Tropes and hooks: The family feud, a family saga, Romeo and Juliet, Regency romance (it’s actually set before the Regency, but fits with the genre), rivals in love, hidden mysteries.

The series started when I read a biography of Charles Stuart, aka the Young Pretender or Bonnie Prince Charlie. He was far from the romantic hero of legend, and a lot of “what if’s” started to emerge. What if Charles’s father, the Old Pretender, James, had secretly married a woman before he married his official wife? What happened to the children of that marriage, and were they a threat to Charles’s claim to the throne? Could they have reinvigorated the Stuart claim to the throne?

The theory is plausible and fits well with what we know about the Stuarts, but it adds an extra dimension to the story.

About Lynne Connolly

Lynne grew up in a haunted house in Leicester, England, and got used to telling the ghosts to shut up! She has lived a variety of lives, moving from the rock music world to the business world, and then to writing.

She has won awards and written best-selling books, although the writing is always her greatest reward. As Lynne Connolly she writes historical romance, and as L.M. Connolly spicy contemporary and paranormal romance.

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