I love to make the dolls for my dolls houses. I make them out of polymer clay, with a wire armature, and then dress them. I prefer polymer clay to porcelain because I can make them myself, and the medium is perfect for adding individual expressions to the faces.

My main groups are the ‘literary’ dolls and the ‘fashion’ dolls.The literary dolls are my idea of what the heroines of various books would look like. On this page you can see Nancy, Elizabeth Bennett, Jane Eyre and Guinevere.

I take a scene from the book and dress them accordingly. They are fully poseable so I’ll be able to put them in a future scene.

The fashion dolls are the beginning of a collection I’m trying to make showing the fashion of the twentieth century. I’ve tried to dress them to a year (‘this season’s well-dressed doll’). I’ve done mainly daywear, but I would like to do day and evening wear for every decade of the twentieth century.     

I originally set up my website to show my miniatures to other people in the doll’s house community. I’ve left them up, because I know some of you find them interesting. So here are the Houses, here are the Dolls, and here are more Miniatures.

Romeo and Juliet



Jane Eyre

Elizabet Bennett

Cavalier Lady

Lady and Page



Lady Cardington







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