Historical Romance

On this page you’ll find my published historical romances. They’re listed by series and series order. Click on the series name for a page with all the available books on it on this site, or click on the book cover to go to the Amazon page with extract and buy links. If you don’t want to buy at Amazon, they’re all widely available, and the series pages will give you the details.

When I first started writing, I started with Georgian and Regency romance. It’s my first love and it will always remain with me. I’ve always been interested in history, ever since my parents took me to a different country house every weekend! I’m the only person I know who had a museum curator as a childminder (apart from my sister, of course!) I write about the Georgian era, an era I fell in love with when I was nine years old. We did a project at school on coffee and tea and I got my first sight of a coffeehouse. I was hooked. I have several series and standalones, too.

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The Daring Dersinghams

Gerald Dersingham unexpectedly inherits the title of Earl of Carbrooke, but he is unused to society. So are his triplet sisters. in the first book, Gerald has a choice; does he follow his heart and marry Annie Cathcart, a forthright merchant from the City of London, or his head, and marry Lady Elizabeth Askew, who will ease his family’s entrance into society?
In the following books his sisters deal with the consequences of his choice. But they have their own interests; Damaris with astronomy, Dorcas with botany and Delphi with the ancient world and the classics. 

The Society for Single Ladies

Sponsored by the wealthy Angela Childers, a group of ladies form a society: The SSL.
Who better to delve into the secrets and scandals of the ton? The overlooked and the ineligible. In an era without a police force, when aristocrats ruled the roost, it would take somebody in society to investigate the secrets they are trying to hide.
Their investigations lead to romance in the most unexpected places, and soon the society is the talk of the ton.

The Emperors of London

The members of the family nicknamed The Emperors are loyal to the crown, but the Dankworths support the Stuarts. In their efforts to defeat the Dankworths, the Emperors discover a deadly secret that they have to fight to keep concealed, but in the process they find love in the most unexpected places.A family feud fought in the heart of Georgian society!

The Shaws

Click the title for more details about this series.
You met the Shaws, the family of the Marquess of Strenshall in the Emperors of London, now the most scandalous family in London gets its own series! The family members who didn’t get their stories in the Emperors, get them here.

Richard and Rose

This is the first series I ever had published, and I’m so proud that it’s still in print (and ebook!). In eighteenth century England, Richard and Rose meet, fall in love and marry, but their story is only just starting.

A hidden enemy pursues them through the books, and across the Continent. Richard and Rose will be lucky to get away with their lives, and they have to rely on each other to get through.


Three women with three secrets, and the men that help them solve them.

The Triple Countess.

Based on the real-life infamous Double Duchess, these are the stories of the children of a woman who married three times, to three very different earls.

Even Gods Fall In Love

Gods living in the aristocratic eighteenth century. What could possibly go wrong?

Historical Single Titles

These are one-offs, and many of them are Regencies.

Tom Jones

The original book – with the dirty bits put back in!

Series In Order

Even Gods Fall In Love
Lightning Strikes
Mad For Love
Arrows of Desire
Forged By Love
War Chest
Her Quicksilver Lover

The Emperors of London
Rogue in Red Velvet
Temptation Has Green Eyes
Danger Wears White
Reckless In Pink
Dilemma Wears Yellow Silk
Veiled In Blue

The Shaws

Richard and Rose
Harley Street
Hareton Hall
Maiden Lane

Triple Countess
Last Chance My Love
A Chance To Dream
Met By Chance
A Betting Chance

Seductive Secrets
Alluring Secrets
Tantalizing Secrets