This page contains writing-related articles, interviews I’ve done recently and the details of my miniatures. I have three big dollhouses, and a number of room boxes and other projects, and you can see them here.


I’ve written articles and information on writing, which I hope you’ll find interesting.

I visited the exhibition “And Then He Kissed Her…” at Manchester Public Library, celebrating the 100th year of Mills and Boon. Check out some of the pictures I took here.

The Historical Novel is an article on how to approach and write the historical novel. Click here to read the article

Locations lets you into the secret of where I set my novels. I use a stately home, or a location as a base, and improvise. There are links to the websites of the houses concerned. The events I write about in my books never occurred at these places, neither did the people I write about ever live in them, so it didn’t seem fair to use the house as it is, but I hope you enjoy my versions of them!
Click here to read the article.


My hobby, and other obsession, is miniatures. I have a collection of doll’s houses, and several small room boxes and other goodies. Check them out here.

I recently made some covers for my new Kindle. Check it out here.


If you want to know all about me, how I write, what I write, there are several interviews with me on various sites.

The Romantic Novelists’ Association interviewed me here.
Evie Balos interviewed me here
I was interviewed by Historical Tapestry here
And one with the Morgan Diaries.


There is a lot of confusion about choosing publishers to target. i’ve written a quick guide of what you can expect with each model here.

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