Where it all started.

 Gods have lived among us all this time, ever since they fell out of favour as objects of worship. They were never true gods, not really, but long-lived people who had special attributes. They could speak mind-to-mind. They had strange blood, that was crystal clear, but poisoned any mortal who touched it. They had powers too great to be released for public knowledge. They had tried that once, and it had led to overweening arrogance and bloody war.

Never again, they vowed, and they kept their identities secret. They could not die from disease and they healed swiftly. They never grew old, but once they had matured, they appeared in the prime of life until they died.

For all they called themselves immortal, they did eventually age and die, or they were killed by injuries too serious to heal.

When that happened, the body and the person died, but the spirit of the god, the truly immortal part, passed into the body of the nearest unborn child. The only constant was the sex of the sprit. A new person grew up with those attributes. As time passed they could be burned at the stake as witches, or persecuted. Their lives became less stable, moving on until memory of them had died and they could return.

They had their enemies. The Titans, the old gods, wished to return to the ancient ways. They saw the human race as their subjects and themselves as benevolent masters. Constantly they sought to return to the old ways, but the immortals fought them, and always won.

Thirty years ago, in 1724, the gods had a celebration, a joyful reunion.

A Titan plotted their downfall. Not only that, he planned to capture the escaping spirits and make them his own. The Duke of Boscobel, who had known a few names in his long lifetime, let them use a hall on his estate for their party. But he undermined the hall with explosives.

Few escaped the destruction. The spirits fled, to be captured by the women Boscobel had gathered together for the purpose of entrapment. He would let his trusted servants take them, and bring them up to believe his evil creed.

The few that escaped planned and waited. They traced some of their fellow gods, and helped others. The Titans’ greed and infighting had thwarted Boscobel’s plans, and he was left with but a few. But it might be enough.

Thirty years later, the fight back began…

The first book in the series, Lightning Unbound, begins in 1754. While you don’t have to read the series in order, it’s better if you do so, to follow the progress of the immortals, as they fight to prevent the Titans winning their battle. As more immortals are uncovered, it becomes obvious that a new generation has a different way of fighting back, although their principles remain the same. Man should never be forced into slavery. Free will is all.

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