The Hearts

Coming soon from Tule Publishing:

The Hearts is a series featuring four brothers – but two of them are unaware that they have siblings at all!

The children of a woman whose life veered from poverty to wealth to aristocracy and back to poverty again, Ronan, Ethan, Daniel and Conan have very different backgrounds, but all have made a success of their lives. Materially, that is. But they have never given their hearts to a woman.

This series covers their journeys to fulfill that requirement. It covers the world, and the spheres of influences of four brothers so separate – and yet so similar.

The women they fall for have equally different backgrounds, coming from struggle to find happiness and fulfillment, both in their public and private lives.

The Shaws

The Shaws is a series featuring some familiar characters. The children of the Marquess of Strenshall became so popular that they have been given their own series! They are wealthy, reckless and leaders of society in mid-eighteenth century Britain, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to face some hard truths in their road to happiness.

The series will end at the end of 2018.


The Society for Single Ladies

This is next for Kensington! It’s a series about single ladies who decide to do something useful with their lives, instead of waiting around for husbands. It’s set in the 1750s, before Britain had a proper police force, when even court cases were approached differently. Led by Angela Childers, the richest woman in London, they set about solving crimes and puzzles that the authorities don’t seem to be able to cope with.

And because they decide not to hunt for husbands, men come flocking to them!

Future Plans

I’ve written the beginnings of two new historical romance series, and once The Hearts get underway, who knows what will happen next?Richard and Rose have just been returned to the shelves! New covers, but the same couple at the centre of each book. It makes me very happy to see them back.If you have any characters you’d like me to write about, ones that have intrigued you from previous books, do let me know. I love to hear from readers and would-be readers, and I’m usually at the other end of a computer! So contact me and let me know!