The Shaws

The Shaws is a brand new series featuring some familiar characters. The children of the Marquess of Strenshall became so popular that they have been given their own series! They are wealthy, reckless and leaders of society in mid-eighteenth century Britain, but that doesn't mean they don't have to face some hard truths in their road to happiness.

Future Plans

The Emperors of London ends with Wild Lavender, but the Emperors themselves live on!

There's a new series featuring characters you probably know already! It's called "The Shaws," and is about the rambunctious Shaw family, part of the Emperors. The series will follow their fortunes and their paths to love.

With the closing of Samhain, the series Richard and Rose and Even Gods Fall In Love are not currently available, but they will be back! Secrets and The Triple Countess have just gone back on sale.

If you have any characters you'd like me to write about, ones that have intrigued you from previous books, do let me know. I love to hear from readers and would-be readers, and I'm usually at the other end of a computer! So contact me and let me know!