The Daring Dersinghams

A series featuring a man and his three sisters. Triplets, no less! Gerald unexpectedly inherits the title of Earl of Carbrooke, but he is uncomfortable in polite society. To help his family make the debut they deserve, he is planning to marry the daughter of the duke – but then he meets Annie. Annie Cathcart, a silversmith from the City of London, storms through his life like a hurricane. The family will ever be the same again.

Future Plans

I’ve written the beginnings of a new series featuring detectives in 18th century London, which has been accepted by Carina Press.

If you have any characters you’d like me to write about, ones that have intrigued you from previous books, do let me know. I love to hear from readers and would-be readers, and I’m usually at the other end of a computer! So contact me and let me know!