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Now this page is huge, because I've written a lot of books. So I've also split them into genre pages, which are much lighter. If you're reading on your phone or a small device, you're probably going to be better looking at the individual genre pages. Historical, Contemporary and Paranormal.

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The Shaws

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From Kensington Publishing. You met the Shaws, the family of the Marquess of Strenshall in the Emperors of London, now the most scandalous family in London gets its own series!

The family members who didn't get their stories in the Emperors, get them here.

Richard and Rose

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This series was the first I ever wrote for publication. The whole series follows one couple, from their first meeting, through courtship and marriage and beyond. This is the only series I've written that needs to be read through in order to get the most from it.

Richard and Rose are back! They're coming out in 2018, on Kindle first, and later to the other outlets. I'm so pleased to be able to bring these books to you again!

Even Gods Fall In Love

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It's back! I was heartbroken when Samhain closed and I had to take this series down. However, the white knights at Entangled Publishing offered to give the books a new start.

This is my experimental series, and people seemed to love it. What if the ancient gods came back to Britain in the eighteenth century? What if they engaged in a struggle to the death under the polite veneer of fashionable society? Well, they did, and these are their stories.

The Triple Countess

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This series concerns the children of a woman who married three times to three different earls. Her husbands were very different, and the children have had very different experiences in life, although they remain very close.

Last Chance, My Love
A Chance To Dream
Met By Chance
A Betting Chance


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This is a series about women making their way in the world of Georgian England. Each story contains an element of discovery, too, taken from the inventions made in this period. The books can be read as standalones, or as part of a series.

Seductive Secrets
Alluring Secrets
Tantalizing Secrets

Single Titles

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The Regency era, strictly 1811 to 1820, is part of the Georgian era, and I've written some books set there. I fell in love with the books of Georgette Heyer very early, and she was my inspiration in writing books set in that era.

It Happened at Waterloo
Dreaming of Waterloo
Seducing Laura
Maybe Tomorrow
Loving Lucy
Noblesse Oblige

Tom Jones

The book by Henry Fielding - with the naughty bits put back!

Tom Jones Part 1
Tom Jones part 2
Tom Jones Part 3

Paranormal Romance

Pure Wildfire - Shapeshifters Rock!

Contemporary Romance


Originally with Loose-Id, this is a series about a group of people working for the same company who have singular tastes in sex. There is no BDSM here, but there is an awful lot of people pursuing their own pleasures! Because a little of what you fancy does you good.

Single Titles

Escaping The Past
Irresistible You

Contemporary Romance

Single Titles

Escaping the Past
Betting On Love
Tempting Temps

Series In Order

Even Gods Fall In Love
Lightning Strikes
Mad For Love
Arrows of Desire
Forged By Love
War Chest
Her Quicksilver Lover

The Emperors of London
Rogue in Red Velvet
Temptation Has Green Eyes
Danger Wears White
Reckless In Pink
Dilemma Wears Yellow Silk
Veiled In Blue

The Shaws

Richard and Rose
Harley Street
Hareton Hall
Maiden Lane

Triple Countess
Last Chance My Love
A Chance To Dream
Met By Chance
A Betting Chance

Seductive Secrets
Alluring Secrets
Tantalizing Secrets


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