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Richard and Rose Short Stories

Richard and Rose Short Stories

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The Unexpected Samaritan is set before Richard meets Rose, and is a glimpse into the life he led before. He comes to the rescue of two old friends.

A Question of Honour explains why Richard leaves his home earlier than expected, to arrive at Rose’s home in Devonshire before their wedding. His mother’s machinations to drive them apart start here.

Barbara’s Wedding is a deleted chapter from Hareton Hall. It describes the wedding of Rose’s best friend, and shows how the relationship between Richard and Rose is developing.

Farewell Richard and Rose explains how I came to write the books, and their publication adventures, from the early days of epublishing to their eventual home at Samhain. I also tell you how Richard came to be. He wasn’t the character I imagined at all!

Will there be more adventures for Richard and Rose? I honestly don’t know. I have some ideas, but so far, I’ve not developed them further. Would you like to see them?