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Devonshire, Richard and Rose, Book Two


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Devonshire society used to snub Rose Golightly. Now she finds herself a sister of an earl and the fiancée of one of the most admired men in society. Rose has always felt awkward and unsure of herself. But with Richard at her side she can face anything. And with him in her bed, she can be sure of lifelong passion.
Her brother’s refusal to collude in the smuggling that has plagued the Devonshire coast puts them in danger of their lives when the smugglers decide to take matters into their own hands. The gangs rule the coast, but when Rose’s brother stands up to them, it puts Rose’s life in danger.
Richard, Lord Strang keeps everyone at a distance apart from his twin brother Gervase and his adored Rose. Behind his sophisticated facade lies a man of shrewd intelligence, fierce loyalty, and deep devotion to those he loves. He is a man of principle who will fight when cornered, and dirty when he has the need. But Rose doesn’t yet know all his secrets.
It’s time to let Rose into every part of his life. Otherwise, he could lose her.

"Devonshire" was nominated for the 2003 Dorothy Parker Award for Excellence