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Latest Releases from Lynne Connolly

Arrows of Desire: Even Gods Fall In Love Book 3

Arrows of DesireWhen the God of Love falls for a nymph, all seven hells break loose

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Finished with the tutoring that taught him how to be an immortal, Edmund, otherwise known as Eros, steps off the packet onto English shores, and stumbles head over heels in love.
There’s something different about Perdita Seaton and her secretive family, but for now a bigger dilemma looms. Revealing he’s the Duke of Kentmere could cut their courtship short. Yet abandoning his heritage means leaving his beloved sister at the mercy of the Titans.
Even as Edmund steals Perdita’s breath with the speed at which he sweeps her down the aisle, she feels safe in the irresistible tide of passion. Her father, head of a smuggling empire, is Oceanus—and she is a nymph.
Disaster strikes when Edmund races to London to rescue his sister, and doesn’t return. Desperate, Perdita follows him, only to find no light of recognition in his eyes.
Now she must choose. Admit defeat, or fight to break the enchantment keeping Edmund’s heart prisoner—and risk the wrath of a jealous goddess who’d be all too happy to snuff her out.

Temptation Has Green EyesTemptation Has Green Eyes
The Emperors of London, Book 2

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She holds the key to more than a fortune…
There’s more to love than meets the eye…

The daughter of a wealthy merchant, Sophia Russell has no interest in marriage, especially after a recent humiliation—and especially not to Maximilian, Marquess of Devereaux. But it’s the only way to save herself from fortune hunters—and those who wish to seize a powerful connection she prefers to keep secret—even from her future husband…
Marrying Sophia is the only way Max can regain the wealth his father squandered on an extravagant country palace. And while Max and his bride are civil, theirs is clearly a marriage of convenience—until a family enemy takes a questionable interest in Sophia—one that may lead all the way to the throne. Forced to become allies in a battle they hadn’t foreseen, the newlyweds soon grow closer—and discover a love, and a passion, they never expected…

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ItStartedAtWaterlooforwebIt Started at Waterloo

Amelia admires the handsome Will Kennaway, who is a brilliant surgeon and has saved the lives of many soldiers wounded in war. When they are found in a compromising position, they are forced to marry. But Will lives for his career. When he inherits a title, he finds his way blocked. Now he has to be an earl, not a surgeon.

Amelia knows Will has only married her because he has to, but she can’t help loving him with all her heart. Out of her depth in society, she flounders, but she does her best for his sake. Perhaps parting ways is the best answer. Unless they can find a solution to suit them both.

But Amelia loves Will so much, she’s in danger of losing everything.