I love romance, I love history, and I combine both in my books.  Lynne will take you to a world where…silk, satin and velvet clad aristocrats rubbed shoulders with urchins in rags…women started their long fight for equality and independence…passionate love could lead to ruin and despair, or triumph and success…there were no safety nets. You could plummet from duchess to pauper in an instant…the cobbled streets resounded to the sound of horses’ hooves and not an engine in sight…men wore silk and lace, but fought each other to the death at dawn on the Heath…families were ripped apart by feuds…the seeds of the modern world were sown, where daring scientists, artists and writers laid the foundations of the world we live in today…betting escalated to a fever…epidemics could wipe out whole communities…you could be hanged for stealing a loaf of bread…news took weeks to travel around the country…journeys took days, not hours A world that was real, that existed. Step into a different time, live on those streets, in those houses, wear those sumptuous clothes and priceless jewels, ride out to adventure!

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Her Quicksilver Lover: Even Gods Fall In Love Book 6

HerQuicksilverLover300Love knows no bounds, and keeps no secrets.

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Even Gods Fall in Love, Book 6

Joanna Spencer is doing more than just serving tea at the Pantheon Club. She’s secretly collecting society gossip and evidence of foreign spy activity for her father’s journal articles.

Instead, she finds the club’s walls shield Roman gods in human form. One of which she must keep at arm’s length at all costs—the club’s alluring, enigmatic owner, Amidei, Comte d’Argento. Otherwise known as Mercury.

Joanna catches Amidei’s attention long before she drops and shatters an expensive tea caddy. He knows she’s spying, but he never suspected she’d be his nemesis in human form—or that she would stir his strongest protective instincts.

Those instincts will be tested to the limit when an enemy strikes from an unexpected corner, threatening their lives. And Amidei will have to face every last one of his fears to protect the woman he has come to love.

Product Warnings
Contains a woman who’s too honest to be a good spy, and a mind-reading god sent reeling down the fast track to passion the moment he touches her thoughts. Excessive heat could cause readers to reach for a fan, but remember—fanning the flames only makes them burn hotter.

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The Emperors of London, Book 5

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Ever ready to do the right thing, The Emperors of London act bravely—and when it comes to matters of the heart, impetuously…

“Lynne Connolly writes Georgian romances with a deft touch. Her characters amuse, entertain and reach into your heart.” —Desiree Holt

“Plots, deviousness and passion galore…a truly enjoyable read.” –Fresh Fiction on Temptation Has Green Eyes

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